TrailerTV #33 Comin With Legends!

TrailerTV33The TrailerTV crew are at it again, and this time they’re bringing some great artists who are legends.  Stereo MC’s, yeah THOSE Stereo MC’s, are coming along with Klute the legend Jungle/DnB man himself and also the man behind Commercial Suicide label, with Troy Gunner, and Herse to provide some dope dope support.  You know the TrailerTV set-up by now.  Underground crew putting on underground shows, but with more than just underground acts.  From Project:Mooncircle, to DJ Rashad, to Ital Tek, and now some absolute legends in the game.

This event (details HERE and HERE), coming to you via live audio and video stream as well as archived for those who can’t break away from work or school, will be the best thing you could do on a rando Thursday afternoon.  Add in the great crew that puts these events on, and the interviews that come along with the music, and you just can’t get anything better.

When you hear Stereo MC’s at least for us in the US, we know of them from classic music from back in the early days of the electronic music coming out.  But just in case you thought they were a one-hit wonder, think again.  They’ve gone through personnel changes, sound changes and have adapted to the times quite well.  Releasing albums, singles, and remixes all throughout the 90’s, the ought’s and into the teens, they’ve come through the meatgrinder that has laid many low and have continued to make good good dance music.  You don’t believe me, well just peruse their catalogue on the ol’ Soundcloud to see.

Now, they are gracing the cozy trailer with their sounds that draw from every facet of electronic music they’ve seen and been parts of.

Then there’s Klute, the man behind Commercial Suicide (Soundcloud, Official Site), a label that has spawned some really great releases, 50 and counting!  But, he’s been such a trailblazer in his own right for the jungle, Drum and Bass scene that he belongs in the pantheon of trailbazers along with Plug, Squarepusher, LTJ Bukem, and Roni Size.  This guy has been experimental before experimental was cool.  Just to listen to his backcatalogue you will see that he’s done it all, but in truth he’s been instrumental is starting it all.  It’s tough to look back on careers that have spanned decades and understand where trailblazing happened, and where they’ve followed, but believe me, Klute has been on the cutting edge more times than not.  So interested to hear his set as I’m sure there will be plenty of Commercial Suicide cuts, some of his own bangers, and who knows maybe even some unreleased goodies only a legend in the game would be able to get his mitts on.

Then, as if the above two guests weren’t enough we get Troy Gunner (Soundcloud, Twitter), out of Bristol.  This guy will bring a bit of a darker mood to the affair, which if you’ve followed TrailerTV for any length of time, they do enjoy.  And I do too.  It brings a vibe that you’re not just at a party, but at a show where the music isn’t background, nor is it cotton candy type impermanence.  The music is first and foremost, and everything else be damned.  As with more of the experimental acts, they always deliver, and Troy Gunner will do the same.  A professional who doesn’t mess  around, Gunner’s set will be one of the more interesting you’ll hear all week.  I am really looking forward to this one as well, because you just never know what you’re going to get from him. He’s a repeat guest, but since that was back before I knew of this crew, this show will be new for me.

Then there’s Herse.  Herse (Soundcloud) is a guy who has been on the TrailerTV before and his set was a perfect opening for the evening.  Seamlessly and very easily slipping in between different genres, he’s one of those guys who can traverse the genre fields to get whatever crowd is in front of him moving, and getting the spot heated up for those to come after. Just check his mix below for a flavor of what we’ll get. Plus opening for such diverse acts as Troy Gunner, Stereo MC’s, and Klute, you’ll have to really pull out all the stops. He’s going to do so with aplomb, so it will be from opening note to closing fade out, one damned enjoyable event.

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