This Bronze Whale Double Feature Is A Blockbuster

BWdblBronze Whale’s two original tracks from last year, “Say It“, and “Drive” were tunes you always hoped you’d hear from the duo out of Austin. They have smashed remix after remix, and the originals came you wanted to believe they’d smash those as well. They did, and it was then the industry’s turn to remix the tunes. from diverse a collection of artists as DRRTYWULVZ, Das Kapital, and Baile we have every sort of sound you might like.

There is a ton of family on this release, what with Libations & Oscillations, DRRTYWULVZ, RoboCLIP, Le Moti, and BAILE, alongside some artists you may not know as they are just getting started such as Loki Why, and Melodeyes. And then there’s Das Kapital, whose Nu Acid remix was the precursor to the release and announced the EP with authority.  The variations in sound, vibe, and genre will keep you engaged from the beginning to the end.  There are no redundancies here.   What you get is full out unique interpretations of the two singles and along with being unique, they’re all so so good.

So check the tunes below, go HERE to cop the release (a bonus track awaits when you do!) and show all of the artists some love.  They are all not only part of the Waxhole crew, but worthy artists in their own right whose skill and past works all speak very well for themselves.

You’ve heard BAILE, DRRTYWULVZ, and Das Kapital’s remixes thus far, so below are the tunes you haven’t heard yet.  Libations & Oscillations breaks version, Loki Why’s uptempo dance version, Melodeyes’ vibey version, Le Moti’s jazzy chill version, and RoboCLIP’s head noddin version all fill this release out to become a meaty affair you can really sink your teeth into.


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