weekend 25

This weekend has been amazing here in Texas, with a surprise taste of fall and some much needed rain there’s not much more one else could want, except some awesome jams of course. Here’s this weeks batch of awesome for your ears:

Artist: Banks
Track: Drowning (MORLY Remix)

Newcomer MORLY knocks this Banks track outta the park, and I’ll go out on a limb and say this is easily my favorite Banks remix to date.

Artist: Ultrademon
Track: Choo Choo

Utrademon get’s things bumpin’ with Choo Choo

Artist: Escaping Animals
Track: Dendrites

Fantastic atmosphere and world creation from Escaping Animals

Artist: Gidge
Track: Norrland

Gidge takes you on a fantastic journey with this epic number

Artist: ZES
Track: Grimm

Really love the vibes on this one from ZES, check him out as there looks to be new new on the horizon

Artist: noï
Track: Feeling Good

noï comes out with a HUGE jam, Nina vibes for days

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