Su Na And SYZYGY Combine For Lovely

Su NaThe label SYZYGY which has taken the music word by storm has dropped a new two track EP from Su Na (Soundcloud, Twitter). Displaying in two tidy tunes what this guy is all about. A beatsmith, a viber and an all around dope producer, he flexes his muscles making this two track EP much larger sounding than the number of tunes might suggest.

The first one is a great track that employs female vocals from one L Alexander. It starts out sparsely, and you just know that it’s about to take you away to some far off place. Sure enough the vocals wash in and there you go, just as you had expected. The second tune is more interesting in that it breaks into pieces midway through the song and reforms like beads of mercury dropping onto a table.

It’s such a nice release for the label that seems to be collecting these quick hitters that hitevery single time. Go cop the EP (HERE), and enjoy!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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