Snubluck Does It Right With His Weekly Wax

weeklywax22squareSnubluck is one of those dudes we have been fucking with since day one.  Ok maybe not day one, but pretty damned close!  Way back in the early days of 2012, this dude Snubluck, who may or may not have had a hyphen in his name, popped out a Burial remix that was something I’d not heard a lot of at the time.  This sort of wonky, synthy, weirdness that struck a chord with me instantly.  Snubluck had a lot of material already that I hastily started digging through and was an instant fun.  funhouse and vibey synths, with odd drum patterns filled my ears and I knew I had found an artist to follow regularly.

The fact that he’s been steadily producing dope tracks through the years is a testament to his talent and drive and he continues to be as prodigious as he is talented.  When you have that talent and are as ood a dude as he is, and, oh by the way, lives in such a hotbed for music production such as Denver, well there’s no shortage of collab/remix/release opportunities.  The dude is in a live band in addition to everything else, for criminey’s sake!

This mix, though, is not only just a guest mix that he’s been gracious enough to give us, but it’s one that highlights a ton of unreleased tunes, WIP’s, and grooves he’s been vibing on. Knowing that we get to listen to some of these sneak peeks into his works, we are all quite privileged.

So enjoy the mix, give Snubluck a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love.  One of the most humble dudes in the game, he’s as giving as they come, and thus deserves every ounce of love you send his way.


Untitled – Snubluck Ft. Dandu
You’re Cute – Tennyson
Pimp Luscious – R. Kelly (Dawn Safari x Snubluck Bootleg)
Fill Me In – Craig David (Glassy x Snubluck Bootleg)
Sunshine – Snubluck x Glassy
Untitled – Dawn Safari x Snubluck x Glassy
A Glimpse – Rustie (Glassy x Snubluck Bootleg)
Trophies – Drake (Snubluck Remix)
Yah! – Snubluck x flamingosis
Blind Levitation – Albny (Snubluck Remix)
Sodom, South Georgia – Iron & Wine (Glassy x Snubluck Remix)
Untitled – Snubluck
Untitled – Snubluck
Zoo – D Tiberio
New Seizures – Kaytranada
Untitled – Snubluck
Trippy’s Theme – Trippy Turtle (Dawn Safari x Snubluck bootleg)
Shimendoka – Haruomi Hosono & Yellow Magic Band

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