Lindsay Lowend Is Trapped In An Earthbound Cartridge

Lindsay Lowend - Trapped inside an Earthbound cartridgeOut of nowhere is an 8 minute long conceptual video game inspired bass masterpiece from Lindsay Lowend – A forward thinking 16-bit influenced producer who is no stranger to The Waxhole.

Earthbound fans rejoice! You’ll have to excuse me on this one because it’s my favorite video game of all time, and Lindsay Lowend has done a top-notch job of incorporating its iconic samples with some amazing atmospheres and musical story-telling. There’s some heavy and dark sections that will have you head bobbing right into the depths of Master Belch’s factory and beyond.

If you dig this tune, make sure you don’t sleep on the Free Download which you can nab here. Be sure to keep up with him on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook to stay posted with his tunes and updates.

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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