How can NO FUN be SO MUCH FUN!?!

artworks-000089380544-fcc3kd-t500x500So I stumbled across this song and had to dig around to find out more about Golden Features. Here is what Pilerats had to write about him:

“Golden Features has been taking Australia by storm in 2014 with his deep and twisty take on bassy house, so it makes complete sense he should team up with Aus’ electro legends The Presets for a remix of their latest single, No Fun. The Presets have always had a darker edge to them, one which only grows as they grow into more techy realms of house and electronica, so it’s a perfect match really. The results can be streamed below, and serve as an announcement for The Presets upcoming American tour, kicking off late October.”

And Thump:

“No one can say whether Golden Features really has a handsome mug, because no one really knows what he looks like just yet. The anonymous producer is only ever pictured behind a gilded, featureless mask—the kind of thing a super sophisticated, art-loving serial killer would wear (you know the type).

Here’s what we do know about him: he emerged out of nowhere with a four-song, self-titled EP in February. He’s from Sydney. Porter Robinson loves him. Australian radio station triple j can’t get enough of him. And when we interviewed him back in April, he told us that “the whole secrecy thing bummed me out for a bit, but I’m going ahead with what I wanted to do in the first place.”

Proving that he’s doing exactly that, Golden Features is back with a remix of the Presets’ hit “No Fun,” carving out the original’s electro-y synths and tossing them out of the window—leaving behind a supremely groovey, slow-burning house track so smokey it’s practically on fire. As the song itself goes, “I’m happy in a place like this.” ”

All I know is I love it.

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