Hip Hop 4-Pack For Your Friday

YTHip hop is a love of all of us here on the blog and we’ve seen an influx of goodies come through this week.  Some new drops, and some new discoveries.  This pack of niceties ranges from bangin club heaters, to dark and swampy with some pensive thoughts in between.  Just a glimpse of how diverse the underground hip hop scene is these days and really shows that if you truly dig hip hop, there is so much to offer other than the basic shit on the radio.  You, our readers, realize this though, because that’s all we try to do and you keep coming back (thank you!).  So let’s get after the tunes, yeah?

First tune is from Black Zheep DZ (Soundcloud, Twitter) out of B-More who was brought to us by a good friend of the blog and I’m really digging.  One of those tunes that has you from the first strains of the beat, provided by DK The Punisher, and when DZ comes in with the old school cadence, you have new coming together with old to a degree that it works so well. Swagger rap ain’t usually my bag, but this one’s a bit different, and gets me. The beat diffuses the harshness of the braggadocio and DZ’s own rhymes make it less of a missive and more a cheeky tune.  You need to give him a follow because he’s got some dope stuff coming.

Then we have some bangin trap beat from JAY KODE (Soundcloud, Facebook) with Marvin Divine that was a submission to the blog, and I’m glad I found it! It’s fun, and it’s live, but lest you think it’s just some dope trap beat, wait til Marvin Divine comes in and makes the tune so much more.

Then there’s YT. (Soundcloud, Facebook) out of Jacksonville who was brought to me by another good friend of the blog (and dope producer!), LeGinge. Reppin’ his home state of Florida, he brought this dude to my attention, and with an album that just dropped a few weeks ago (get it for free HERE) seemed a great time to feature a tune of his, because with 10 tunes he hits and hits every single time. Getting some dope beats from various producers, he flows over them with aplomb, with a laidback slowness that just makes you head nod while you’re smokin out.

Last but definitely not least is Dom McLennan (Soundcloud, Facebook) who took a bass driven Lindsay Lowend beat and went to town on it. A Fuck tha Police shot, this one is as thoughtful as it is dank.

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