Flight Facilities Take Off

artworks-000090420482-rwixyn-t500x500 Flight Facilities (Soundcloud, Facebook) has been a favorite of mine for the past few years. Ever since they dropped their “Crave You” tune featuring Giselle. Now they are finally dropping their first album, Down To Earth, with a expected release date of October 28th, and the first single is now available. “Two Bodies” featuring Emma Louise is a fantastic first peek at what I’m sure will be a perfect fall album.

The opening monologue features a clip from the 60 Minutes interview with Rod Serling on September 22, 1959, on the ‘eve’ of Twilight Zone‘s network premiere. Here Rod talks out about the censorship that the sponsors of television tried to inflict on the writers. Mostly the censorship was paranoia in response to the Cold War. The main assertion of the interview was you couldn’t do anything commercial and maintain your artistic integrity. Which Rod Serling refutes with the contention, you maintain your integrity as long as your not ashamed of what you produce.

From there Emma Louise’s vocals carry us away to a very happy place where I can guarantee that no one is ashamed of this track.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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