Fixate Goin Pum Pum

fixateFixate, a dude out of Britain has given us a tidy two track EP that has the sound so much larger than 2 tracks ever should be. Bassed out, and bouncing, these tunes sound like they could either bust into a drum and bass banger, or stop down for a genuine trap heater. In the end, the tunes get so grimy and dank, you have to check yourself in the mirror to make sure your bassface hasn’t been permanently implanted.

But Fixate, I have just come to know thanks to a dope dope podcast (HERE) he put together for Diffrent Music, the label this release is distributed through. Melding everything from juke to trap to drum and bass, this podcast is something I cannot stop listening to. The fact that the mix has so many fixate originals in there solidifies my liking for it, and serves as a great introduction to the man and his work.

So cop the EP (HERE), follow Fixate (Soundcloud, Twitter), and show him some love. Bass this roughneck deserves it!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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