Feel The Cosmos With Bleep Bloop

BleepBloopTwo stalwarts in the game have come together for a release (HERE), and when these stalwarts are two Waxhole favorites, that makes it all the more better. Saturate Records, out of Germany has been bringing us some of the dopest future bass, future bounce, future rnb music, and being just all around future. Back in 2012 they introduced me to heRobust and his late night, head noddin beaty goodness. Since then they’ve given us releases from favorites such as Subp Yao, Boeboe, G Jones, Jailo & Kappa Kavi, and doshy (among many more). They’ve been on the leading edge for awhile and they keep at it waiting for everyone else to catch up.

As for Bleep Bloop? Well, the Reverend himself has been on the forefront of the scene for awhile now. I don’t know which came first, Bleep Bloop or Saturate, but the fact that they’ve inked up more than once is no surprise, and their work spurs each along quite nicely. For us fans of the sound and the style, we win two times over. And the fact that DJ Shadow himself not only digs the Rev, but has collaborated with him too? Yeah that’s right, future finds future. If you haven’t already, check that tune HERE.

And the release, a 7 track (6 originals and 1 remix) force of a release that assaults your ears with subfloor rattling bass, drum patterns that defy gravity, and synths that stab and surround you like an aural whirling dervish. If you’re new to Bleep Bloop, this release is an excellent introduction to the man, who is as good of a dude as he is a producer. For those who know Bleep Bloop from his past works, well this release is just another excellent gem in his collection.

So go cop the release (HERE), follow Bleep Bloop (Soundcloud, Twitter), as well as Saturate Records (Soundcloud, Bandcamp), and pass around the love to all like it’s Christmas!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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