Easy Girl Takes On The Cat In Grande Fashion

EasygirlWHEasy Girl is a name you will definitely know if you’ve followed the blog for any length of time.  But if you are a newcomer or your memory sucks, it might be a new name to you.  There for awhile last year he was steady cranking out remixes of the dopest variety (like THIS one, or THIS one, or THIS one), and then he went a bit quiet.  For those of you who know Easy Girl, you know it wasn’t because he was lazing around on his sofa watching Adventure Time.  Studio work, as well as touring with his band takes time away from the studio, but now he’s back!

And he’s back with a vengeance!  On this day not only is there a new remix from him, but there’s also a premier of an original tune, lest you think he was a one-trick pony, also dropping today.  To be released to the general public by our good good pals at Shoeboxx Records, this one tune is a portent to come.  Remixes are fun, remixes are great, but originals are where it’s at.  Now with some time on his hands, Easy Girl is diving right into those waters.

So enjoy the remix, grab it for your very own, and do yourself a favor and clock the Carnival Hands goodness from Do Androids Dance below.  Oh yeah, and show the dude some love on his Soundcloud and Facebook.  He’s the man and he loves to please his fans.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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