D.Know Gets Down On Patrick Topping

HOTC044D.Know is at it again.  With the second installment of his Re:Know trilogy, he’s taken on the Patrick Topping joint and given it a nice retouch.  You will remember D.Know’s flurry of activity a few weeks ago with his Weekly Wax, and then his first Re:Know.

Now he’s back and he’s steady building upon that great work.The tune itself, though, starts out innocently enough with the four to the floor beat, but it gets grooving soon after with a great bassline and then the breakdown keeps you in suspense as the beat thumps and bumps you along waiting, licking your lips for what’s coming around the corner.  When it all comes together, you’ve thoroughly gotten your gettin shoes on and are shuffling and twirling around in your living room, dorm room, dance floor, wherever you are when you hear this heater.

So enjoy this tune, grab that free download and show the homey D.Know (Soundcloud, Facebook) some love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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