Catch A Case With Ayo Alex

AYOCase“Catch A Case,” has been a long time coming, but has definitely proven to be worth the wait. You probably remember Ayo Alex from his G house smash hit remix of “Move That Dope”. Well, he’s back with another hip hop inspired deep progressive jam that is 110% sure to get you grooving.

At first the track is completely eaten up by the quick and poignant percussion and is accompanied by deep warped vocals. As the song grows, the drop leaves you with nothing but boogie running through your blood stream and a creeping need to move your feet. As his first original g house production, #CatchACase definitely shows that Ayo Alex has a knack for this genre. It seems as though this talented young producer has caught a case of genius with his recent creations and he is not slowing down at all.

Make sure to check out his Soundcloud for his “Move That Dope” remix and a couple other awesome tracks he has concocted in the last year.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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