AMB Going Down So Good

AMBAMB is one of those guys that I have been following for a fair bit (my 2nd post on Waxhole!). A few years doesn’t sound like a lot when looking at a calendar, but musically, a few years is an eternity. AMB, himself, has been in the game longer than many many many producers in the game today. One of those grizzled vets whose sound is as polished as you’d expect with the experience and evolved ear, but he also sounds so so current and fresh. He has always been one of those guys that I hurriedly unwrap his new tunes/releases as soon as they hit the public arena (I still can’t stop listening to this one!).

So now he has another release that dropped today (HERE), and from our homies at Gravitas Records (Soundcloud, Facebook). This 7 track EP (6 originals and 1 remix from The Widdler) features more of that chill glitch and bass that we all love from AMB, and it hits all of the marks we always love from his production.

Crisp, sub thumpin, and atmospheric, this guy doesn’t just take acapella’s and throw effects on them. He crafts his synth lines, chops the vocals, and weaves a sonic tale that has us on the edge of our seats with every play. This release is less a dischordant collection of separate tracks, but rather an overall soundtrack to your everyday life, making it better, extracting the good from the tedium, the light from the gray, and the jovial from the cynical. You might like the gray, and you might be a cynic, but dammit if this EP doesn’t lift your soul in some way.

So go clock the EP HERE, be a good fan and cop it, and give AMB (Official Site, Soundcloud) a follow so you can show him some lovin’. He’s deserving, and if you haven’t heard his stuff before, please do yourself a solid and peruse his back catalogue. So many great tunes there it’ll make you wonder what took you so long to find.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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