AMB Gets So Chill With His Weekly Wax

WeeklyWax21squareAMB is someone you’ve heard about many times before on this blog, and even this week!  He’s one of those producers who is steady on your radar and who never disappoints.  He’s great at what he does and he’s a professional to the point where he has fingers in so many different pies, you’d never know how far his influence spreads.

From his bastion in Budapest, he issues forth dope track after dope track, and if you follow him enough, some great guest mixes as well.  Being a long time favorite of mine as well as the blog’s and the readers of the blog (thank you!), it was with this reverence that we asked him for a guest mix whenever he had the time.  He graciously accepted and we’re all the better for it.

Taking tracks that he’s released out to the public on a myriad of labels (including his most recent excellent effort with Gravitas), and giving them a chill rinse, or leaving them as he intended, sandwiched between artful and seamless transitions, this hour long mix is so well done it’s over before you know it.

So sit back press play and let your mind wander to whatever happy, pensive place that the music will take you and try…just try to keep rooted to your chair.  Soundtrack, cinematic, sweeping, all of these adjectives fully apply here and if you aren’t transported to some highland environ with the tendrils of mist curling around your ankles and the moss soft under your feet, well you need to have your pulse checked….or you need to just get outside for a bit.

Enjoy this to the utmost and give AMB a follow (Official Site, Soundcloud) and show him some love!  Thanks to him for the dope mix and for his continuous churning of the dope tunes!

Photo and Edits: Joseph Noctum


01 – AMB – Rain [AMB Music]
02 – AMB – Night Slide (The Widdler remix) [Gravitas Recordings]
03 – AMB – Going Down [Gravitas Recordings]
04 – Peterfy Bori & Love Band – Bosszuallo Rockandroll (AMB remix) [Megado Kiado]
05 – AMB – Southfields [Gravitas Recordings]
06 – AMB – Forest Mallet [Empathy Records]
07 – AMB – Aguane [AMB Music]
08 – AMB – Dripstoned [Addictech Records]
09 – AMB – Make Me [Gravitas Recordings]
10 – AMB – Gardens [AMB Music]
11 – AMB – All In [AMB Music]
12 – iONik – I Don’t Know Me (AMB remix) [Simplify Recordings]
13 – Gruff – Grufftek (AMB remix) [Adapted Recordings]
14 – AMB – One 11 One 10 [Gravitas Recordings]
15 – AMB – Sweet Bronze [Gravitas Recordings]
16 – AMB – First Light [Gravitas Recordings]

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