Alight In Crystal Fighters’ Love

CrystalFightersCrystal Fighters have been a Waxhole favorite since way back in 2012 (rough old post here), and they’ve been steadily climbing into the stratosphere with their blend of indie electronic, nu disco, and overall good vibes. The tunes below highlight and excellent remix pack supporting their dope single “Love Alight”. Now usually with a remix pack featuring 9 variations of the same tune you can get stale, and repetitive efforts. However, this remix EP has done a masterful job getting different vibes, different sounds, and different artists with their own unique flavors to contribute and make this a joy to listen to from beginning to end. No skippings here, just play through’s.  So grab the remix pack HERE and enjoy thoroughly!

The first remix in this pack is by Jean Tonique (Soundcloud, Twitter). “Love Alight,” by Crystal Fighters has gotten a truly masterful flip. The arid chill chords mesh perfectly with the syncopated disco inspired drum beats. All together this song creates a euphoric mix of disco and future style production that is sure to satisfy. The breakdowns build perfectly and creates an intense sense of anticipation which is created by the fact that the drops are so good you can feel them in your nervous system.

Secondly we’re gonna take a look at the GANZ remix of “Love Alight.” This is completely different track from Jean Tonique’s take on it. The growing synth really brings the whole track together in a really unique way. By combining the chords and melodic tones with hard drums and intense cut outs, GANZ has made this song a complete 180 from the original. We love us some GANZ (Official Site, Soundcloud) and he definitely doesn’t disappoint here.

Finally we have a deep rendition of “Love Alight” by In Fields (Soundcloud). Not only are the drops in this song deep, but the song features plenty unique aspects such as the use of occasional congo sounding drums and trippy injections. Although this track is almost a polar opposite of GANZ remix is works well in its own way and shows that a song can be chill, deep, and groovy all at the same time. This is another one that you should definitely check out.

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