ToneDen Has Made A New Community for Producers

ToneDenToneDen is a website that came into my radar earlier this year and I couldn’t be more about what they’re doing. First and foremost, they’ve made it possible for artists to create a landing page for their updates and music outside of the social media sites and Soundcloud itself. It aggregates all of your relevant information into one place that’s easy to display to your fans and potential booking agents as well. This is all useful in making yourself look serious as an artists while increasing your reach and interaction with your supporters.

All you have to do is go to and signing up is as easy as connecting your Soundcloud account. Boom. After that, you can follow our account here: and start building your feed.

Here’s some more information from the folks at ToneDen:

Producers should be able to reach and stay connected with their fans without having to resort to over-posting unrelated content like memes and viral videos. The team at ToneDen recognizes this and has given their platform of over 11,000 artists a new and intuitive community interface to share tracks, discuss music-related content, and discover other producers.

Some of the most compelling aspects of the community so far are:

1. If you get followed on ToneDen, you’re automatically followed on SoundCloud

2. Every post you make reaches 100% of your followers

3. You avoid competing against non-music related entities for attention

ToneDen further differentiates itself from many listener-centric services by focusing on the needs of the artists that form its community. Artists who sign up for ToneDen can also make professional websites, build sleek press kits, and access an analytics dashboard that shows their growth across the services that matter most: SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The video below’s got some more in depth information about ToneDen and its features, so give it a peek and check these guys out! They’ve got a lot of cool stuff in the works to really help out independent artists, which we’re all about.

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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