Substrate’s Great DnB Vibes On His Weekly Wax

WeeklyWax18squareSubstrate, the lad from the north of Wales who is one of those guys who is just oozing great Drum and Bass vibes and while we’ve been itching to get more of those vibes on the blog, he’s not only given us some tunes of his own, but now he’s provided a wonderful mix chock full of those.

Substrate is one of those relatively newly introduced on the blog, so we thought we’d ask him some questions to fill out our lack of knowledge of him.  Check that out below the track and tracklisting.

So give the mix a play, it’ll fuel your workout, your night drive, your last hour of work slogging through filling ketchup bottles or sweeping the aisles, and give Substrate (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Trichome Records (Facebook) a follow.  The dude and his projects are well worth it!


Phace – Oceans of Emptiness (Subtitles)
Fierce & Optiv – Surface Noise (Quarantine)
Nickbee – Apollo 18 (Eatbrain)
Calyx & TeeBee – Scavenger (Ram)
Substrate – Focal (Trichome Productions)
Emperor & Mefjus – Disrupted (Critical)
Noisia & B.S.E – Feed the Machine (B.S.E)
Noisia – Block Control (Moving Shadow)
Enei & Emperor – Liberation (Critical)
Break – Framework (Symmetry)
Audio – Headroom (Virus)
Frankee – Gully (Ram)
Noisia – Dustup (Vision)
Basher – Androids (Ram)
Rene la Vice – Headlock (Ram)
Maztek – Galactica (Renegade Hardware)
Substrate – Drop (Trichome Productions)
Kemal – Let it Move You (Industry Recordings)
Rockwell – Constantcomplexrhythmicsound (Shogun Audio)
Icicle – Coldfear (Shogun Audio)
Substrate – Interference (Proximity LTD)
PilotPreist (Phace rmx) – BodyDouble (Neodigital)
Edrush & Optical – Snaggletooth (Virus)
Jade (icicle rmx) – This is my World (Citrus)
Calyx & TeeBee – The Shape of things to Come (Renegade Hardware)
Emperor & Mefjus – Void Main Void (Critical)
Jade & Matt U – Moblaw (Citrus)
Substrate – Neoflux (Trichome Productions)
Audio – Botfly (Virus)
B.S.E – Eraser (B.S.E)
Substrate – Culprit (Unreleased)
DC Breaks – Gambino (Ram)
State of Mind – Attention Deficit (Critical)
Kove – Iodine (Program)
Ulterior Motive (feat Codebreaker) – Point of Difference (Subtitles)
Spor, Ewan & Evol Intent – Levitate (Lifted Music)
Break (Xtrah rmx) – Something New (Symmetry)
Hydro, War & Mateba – Entropy (Dispatch Recordings)
Substrate – Ctrl Alt Dub (Unreleased)

Waxhole: How long have you been making music and how did you get started?
Substrate: I’ve been making music for over 12 years….started on Playstations ‘music’ game lol …then Fruityloops and tried Cubase next but didn’t like it so tried Ableton and loved it straight away and have been using it ever since 8+ years…I mainly started producing to make my own tunes to mix as dj’ing has always been a big part of my life too!

Waxhole: What got you into drum and base specifically?
Substrate: I started dj’ing after I got some turntables on my 16th birthday and was into trance and house music at the time before that I loved listening to hardcore and techno which is what firstly got me into electronic music…listening to tape packs recorded at nights/raves like helterskelter and club kinetic. After dj’ing trance for a year or two I listened to an old jungle tape one day randomly and loved it!…this intrigued me and not long after I was obsessed with jungle and DnB!

Waxhole: After years of DJ’ing, how were your first tunes done and received?
Substrate: After a few years of dj’ing DnB/jungle(at home and friends places. Big shout to DJ Anti Social who has been with em all through the years and is an amazing DJ!) I decided I’d try my hand at producing it(in Fruityloops). At this point I started posting my tracks on spin warp and acid planet which received some great feedback and really inspired me to progress further…at this point in time I was known as ‘Dj Trichome’.

Waxhole: Speaking of Trichome, how and why did you get Trichome Productions started?
Substrate: I started Trichome Productions in 2005 and released a jumpup track called ‘the flying guillotine’ then a techy DnB single called ‘Kepler 4b + motion’ neither really sold many but it was a start. It’s in the last few years, after focusing on DJing out, I’ve gone back to the DnB lab and really wanted to focus on producing high quality DnB. Between founding and a few years ago I focused more on DJing than Trichome but now I’ve started it up again, this time through juno records/ juno download. The first release after this re-start wias the ‘Discovery EP’ and ‘Discombobulate’ single and more recently ‘Drop EP’

Have you worked with anyone in the industry that have really helped you out either with your production or with Trichome?
Substrate: It was whilst promoting the ‘Drop EP’ online in various forums I randomly got talking to a fellow DnB producer/dj ‘Russla’ who just so happened to be good friends with ‘Basher’ of ‘RamRecords’ and he gave him some of my tracks, which he really liked and in turn led to my release on ‘Proximity ltd’. ‘Bashers’ own label which is my first professional release called ‘Variable’ and ‘Interference’…

Waxhole: Who are your biggest influences on production and DJ side?
Substrate: Noisia, Phace, Break and Teebee were then…and still are my idols and my main production influences, like Mefjus and Emperor..And Qbert, DJ Hype, and DJ Craze are two massive influences on the DJ side.

For our many producers who read the blog, what is some good gear or advice that you’d recommend?
Substrate: Buying and getting used to my monitors were a big pivot point in my production standard increasing.  It’s taken me years to get my ears used to my monitors but it’s been well worth it and I can’t recommend getting a good pair of monitors enough to any aspiring producer!

My fave plugins at the mo are…
Izotope ozone4
Psp reverb
Psp vintage warmer
Guitar rig 3

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