Ill-Esha Gets Remixed So So Good

illeshaThere have been a multitude of times that I have been in a quandary about which three tracks of an album I should feature in a post from an EP or album. With this latest release (HERE) from the Gravitas Records homies, and the wonderful ill-esha, I’ve been damned near paralyzed by the decision. That’s quite unfair to you readers, though. Quite.

But I’ve bitten down, charged through and picked my three favorite remixes thus far to show you all. They are from Mr. Bill, Buku, an CloZee. All from artists who have a long history on the blog as well, so while that may seem like favoritism, just check the tunes and let me know how good they are. The tracks being remixed are from the ace Open Heart Surgery release from a few months ago. And thankfully all of the remixers chose different tunes to remix. 12 remixes of 3 songs would still be dope, but wouldn’t be as exciting.

The three tunes here are from artists you already know, and know intimately by now if you’ve read the blog for any amount of time, but there are great remixes from favorite artists of ours like Chris B, russ Liquid, The Digital Connection, kLL sMTH, sAuce, ONE4ALL, Amp Live, Psymbionic, D.V.S*, and Brede, and even more from artists we haven’t touched on too much, Perkulat0r and OriginalZ, but have turned in great remixes as well. It’s such a jam-packed release that ifyou don’t pick it up r at the very least jam the entire thing, well we just can’t be friends anymore.

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