Don’t Sleep On Dark0’s Fate EP

Dark0 - Fate EPDark0 has been killing it on the instrumental grime scene and after some months of these dubs floating around in the producer and radio show circuits, his newest EP is now available. The Fate EP is heavily melodic with a melancholy video-game inspired atmosphere and tone that is sure to evoke nostalgia in anyone who’s touched a super nintendo.

If you want to get a hold of these tunes, you can purchase the Fate EP here on iTunes. Be sure to follow Dark0 on Soundcloud and Twitter to keep up with his tunes and updates, and be sure to keep an eye on Gobstopper Records as well.

Amethyst immediately sets the tone of the EP with a broken arppegiated melody that is joined by a wavey synth line that is sure to keep your head nodding to the end.

Gaia is an emotional tune that definitely evokes memories of an RPG overworld map. The synth line is full of swells and crescendos, intricately playing with the counter-melody in the background over a future-trap inspired kit.

If I had to pick one more tune to cover, it’d be Mako’s March. This is the tune that originally turned me onto the EP after hearing it stand out in several bass and grime sets. Inspired by Final Fantasy’s Mako Reactor and pulling several samples, this tune is intense, dark, and driving and works in your headphones or in a dark club alike.

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Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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