Z.E.E. With That Good Freakquency

ZEEFreakZebbler and Encanti are most well known for being the creators of some of Sphongle and EOTO’s magical visuals and also for being the masterminds behind the infamous 2011 Shpongletron Experience. We’ve featured them via remixes (HERE), but never on their own. This release (HERE), though, via our good friends at Gravitas Records, is a perfect way to feature them on their own.

Zebbler (Peter Berdovsky) is a visual artist from Belarus. He is responsible for working with some of the most innovative artists of our time. He is most famous for being a visual artist/video jockey for EOTO and Shpongle and is notorious for being one of the first VJs to integrate 3-D video mapping into his set designs. Because of his background, Zebbler has had plenty of experience in the realm of psychedelic music.

Encanti (Ben Cantil), a music producer from Boston, Massachusetts. He is especially known for his background with experimental sounds and visuals. He is notorious for his glitch-hop and futuristic dubstep sound that has established itself in the music scene today. Not only was Encanti part of the visual team of Sphongle, he performed as a member of Sphongle Live’s USA Ensemble in 2010.

Both artists have been innovators in their respective fields and their most recent push has been a project known as the “Zebbler Encanti Experince” (Official Site, Soundcloud). Encanti, performs his heavy bass/glitch sound which when mixed with Zebbler’s futuristic visuals, gives the viewer a distorted wave of emotion all in one setting.

The duos most recent EP “Freakquency” features a five track genre bending list of tracks. From electro-house to heavy bassed glitch-hop, this five track ep takes the listener on a journey into the realms where time and space collide. Expect lots of spacey synths and plenty of trap influence like with the track “Follow the Bubbles. This EP places the duos sound far away from anything out in the industry today. The “Zebbler Encanti Experience” is one you do not want to miss out on.

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