TrailerTV #31 Gets Going With Pedestrian, Guy Andrews, and Adam Saville

TrailerTV31The Trailer TV cats are following up their wildly exciting and successful Project:Mooncircle showcase with another fine show for us all (HERE).  As you all know, they’re a great tidy outfit out of Deptford (southeast London, for all of us foreigners), that put on shows not only in their trailer (yes it is actually a trailer), but also stream it live for us poor unfortunates who can’t make it.

The acts this show will include are Guy Andrews (Soundcloud, Official Site), out of Brighton, the legend, Pedestrian (Soundcloud, Youtube), and Adam Saville (Soundcloud), who is, other than a great DJ, also a editor of DJMag. And kicking off the entire shindig is the indomitable Martha Giles, a resident and sometimes interviewer, who always puts a happy face on her mixes. Watching and listening, how can you NOT have a grin on yer face?

The artists here have all sorts of vibes for this show. Deep and subversive with Pedestrian, light and thoughtful with Andrews, and then chilled but not sleepy Saville will have the trailer rocking all night. If you’re in need of some great tunes to last you through your work day (it starts in the early afternoon for us poor blighters in the States) and the interviews that are interspersed between the musics are always a great listen. I’m looking forward, personally, to the Pedestrian interview, as I am curious as to what the mind behind such great tunes will be like.

So come join the fun (DETAILS), whether in person, or virtually, and get to know the Trailer TV folks either for the first time, or better. They’re a good lot, and they’re doin the Lord’s work…in a musical sense…totally not religous…seriously…

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