Trailer TV Showcases Project:Mooncircle

TrailerTVPMThe TrailerTV Team has really done it this time. Pairing up with our very favorites, Project:Mooncircle (Official Site, Soundcloud) for this show (DETAILS), they’re bringing the power duo behind the label, Gordon and KRTS along, but also kidkanevil, Submerse, and My Panda Shall Fly. The fact that Sieren was on the show last time, was a great introduction of the two crews, and I’m so happy they teamed up for even more.

Below are some tunes that show some flavors of the artists involved if you aren’t quite sure who they might be, but take my word for it that when you are sat at home or at work and need something to listen to and enjoy, this one is your show. Have I mentioned that this is live streamed from Southeast London beamed into your home, office, train, whatever you are doing Thursday afternoon, tune in and enjoy being a part of the party…virtually. Oh but you live in London?  Well then get on down, grab a slice, a Chang, and enjoy the tunes, and the company. The entire TrailerTV crew are some of the best around.

My Panda Shall Fly (Soundcloud, Facebook), the Londoner by way of Sri Lanka, uses eclectic, ethnic, and exotic sounds and vibes to craft complex and wonderful soundscapes that transport you from your mundane to the peregrine. This particular tune below comes from an EP he is releasing in August which you can pre-order HERE.

Then there’s KRTS (Soundcloud, Twitter), the Brooklyn born and bred musician who’s recently moved to Berlin to be closer to the PM family, and who produces great tunes, from house, to trap, to chill electronic goodness. He’s someone whose production and releases you definitely never get bored with.

Submerse (Soundcloud, Twitter) gets weird with his chill, experimental with his beats, and just gets awesome whenever he’s around a DAW. This tune below is from this dope double album, and Submerse’s first full full length.  You want complex, chill, and experimental, well here ya go!

Then we have kidkanevil (Soundcloud, Official Site), who is a big favorite for us here at the blog. This tune below is from his album that dropped in May, and when you cop it (HERE), your musical collection takes a bump up in quality.

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