Thursday FourPack From DAILON, Shaman B, Pomo, and We Are Shining

shamanBOn a day when we are tuning into two live shows across the seas (Trailer TV in London, and Das Kapital’s show on 5FM from South Africa), as well as uploading a new Weekly Wax, it’s a bit crazy over here at Waxhole HQ. But, because we know you need your morning fix of tunes, we can’t leave you hanging! So for that we have a few tunes just for you to gnosh on to tie you over til this afternoon when the shows start or at least til lunch.

First off we have the homey DAILON and his newest tune ‘Up2U’. This one is off of his upcoming EP he’s dropping the end of this month, and let me tell you that it’s just the tip of the iceberg, because the whole release is the same dope, airey and light, but yet so damned sexy tunes we all know and love from him. Vocal chops, synthy waves and the beat that sways in time with your body…or is it the other way around? Whatever the case, you know DAILON (Soundcloud, Twitter), so look out for when that EP drops

Then there’s Pomo, who has taken a swanky Snakehips tune and turned it into his own little playground. Hints of Lido, hints of Kaytranada, but all so so Pomo, this remix is so fresh and so clean, this will be bumping from tons of clubs this weekend. Bet!

The there’s We Are Shining (Soundcloud, Official Site) with a funked out and jammin tune entitled ‘Hot Love’, and it’s one of those dope cuts that sounds like it’s from a different time and place when cars were bigger, collars were flared, and hair was…oh god, the hair! But still, this is oh so dope. I was givin this recommendation from our main man Eagles For Hands and I’m glad he introduced because this tune is greatness!

Finally we have Shaman B (Soundcloud, Facebook) who has taken this slw.kng tune and has completely done unspeakable things to it. And we LOVE unspeakable things, especially in this instance. Chopped up, beat down, and shot up with some good good wonkiness, this one pleases that side of you that desires the offbeat, off-kilter goodness.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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