Threepack From Wantigga, Flume, and HudMo

wantiggaThreepacks, threepacks.  The refuge of the busy..or lazy.  In this case, I’m citing busy!  Three tunes from Waxhole favorites Flume, Wantigga, and HudMo may not reveal artists you’ve never heard of, but it sure does bring some goodness to your waxholes.

The first track in this 3 pack is a flip of Dwele’s “Lady” by Wantigga. The drums are tight, the vocals flow perfectly with the chill tones that usher the track in, and this song is just plain groovy. The meat of the track has a fantastic disco feel with some awesome bass lines and exquisite percussion. The track never feels dull and has an amazing flow to it. The final breakdown of the song is fantastic and shows Wantigga’s depth. This is definitely a track to check out and listen to on a sunny summer day.

The second track in this 3 pack is a chill re-work by Flume. “Test and Recognise” by Seekae gets a complete chill transformation. The tune has great ambiance and is incredibly produced. At times the track even feels like it’s almost dragging down or is in kind of a dream like state. Flume never disappoints, and this is just another awesome creation. The melodic feel and melding synths create an amazing feeling of zen. Definitely check this out and take advantage of the free download.

The final track in this 3 set piece is an original from none other than Hudson Mohawke. “Chimes” is a masterpiece of aggressive, creative, electronic music. The track stays true to it’s name in the beginning with the various chime like noises and tight drumming. The climax of the track features a huge drop with some seriously aggressive horns and an awesome bass line accompanying them. The vocal interjections in the track are perfect and splice the song up perfectly. This is a track you do not want to miss, and will likely be a favorite of many Djs and producers in the near future.

Posted By: Skeems

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