The TrailerTV Crew Goin Dank With Some DnB

hyroglificsIf you were to peruse the site for evidence that we love us some drum and bass, you’d think we give it about as cursory a look as indie dance. But that is misrepresentative (in both instances, really). While we don’t post a ton, we love us some drum and bass. At least two of the writers here (myself being one) regularly listen to podcasts and keep up with the drum and bass scene. But the scene as a whole only posts clips to stream, and while that makes business sense, it doesn’t lead to a lot of good listening for you, the reader. But regardless, we love it! And so do the Trailer TV crew!

The show coming up tomorrow (DETAILS) is a DnB special! Featuring Hyroglifics, Retraflex (from Flexout Audio) and Agman Gora who will be supplying MC duties, Chris Inperspective, and Son of Mothra. We will have jungle, deep and dark DnB, MC driven DnB, and two dudes from labels who will have plenty of released and unreleased material to draw from. This show is gonna be live, its gonna be dank, and for DnB heads it’s gonna be hours upon hours of dope stuff.

So check out some tunes below from the artists or their respective labels, and tune in (HERE)! I, for one cannot wait! Adding in the light hearted TrailerTV crew and the always entertaining interviews into the mix will just make it that much better.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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