The Bereavement Of Zen Death Squad

ZDS It is sad news that I received this morning. Zen Death Squad has met its dissolution. Having success in the glitch community with a handful of remixes they released in 2010, and their Original Stealth Mixtape in 2011 left us anxious for the original material to be released later that year on the Cyber Dojo Lazer Training EP. However after that EP there was silence as we eagerly awaited the release of their full album. Teased by the first single “Where The Whales Sleep”. Then followed by another single and video for the hard hitting “Oni Valley” in July of 2013. Once again they fell silent after that with the third single release looming in the distance. That is until this morning.

A message went out from the Bandcamp servers that my friends ZDS had uploaded a new album. With excitement I rushed over expecting the third single hopefully with a date for the full album. Instead what I found was a collection of eight magnificently crafted songs and a goodbye note.

“Dear comrades, audio junkies, friends, enemies and fans, the journey has been momentous but we have reached our final stop. It is with a sad emoticon that we announce the end of Zen Death Squad. We have had an incredible adventure and have you all to thank for enabling us. There are things we never got to do yet we achieved things we never thought possible. From playing our musical Mecca of Low End Theory to wearing triangles on our head with out eyeholes, we have made some incredible memories. As our final parting gift we present the album that was never made, a collection of tracks that we created over the last two years, most of which never saw the light of day. This is our swan song, echoing in your mind for eternity.”

Their Facebook page only has a update, posting the official video for the “Who’s to Know” track featuring. KHUSHI and the message “there is still one more announcement left to make…” The new songs on their Bandcamp are pay what you want. A bitter sweet parting gift from the London trio with much untapped potential. This is a good reason to be wearing black today.


Zen Death Squad | Who’s to Know feat. KHUSHI (Official Video)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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