Soulular And His Weekly Wax

WeeklyWax13squareSoulular, our main man who throws down so many chill glitch/bass vibes is here for this week’s Weekly Wax. You probably know Soulular if you’ve read the blog for any stretch of time, or if you travel in the same circles of the glitch, bass movement. One of our very own Compilations, releases via our pals of Gravitas Records, and so many more releases throughout, he’s a favorite to collaborate with, remix, get remixed by, and just work with in general. Laid back and humble, but a hard worker as well, he’s a credit to the industry, and his music is a credit to the scene.

Including a few tunes of his own, he’s peppered this mix with the artists and tracks he’s been grooving to as of late (some oldies, and lotsa freshies) and while it features a few favorites like Bwoy de Bhajan, Geode (the tune in the mix, we actually posted back in 2012!), and Truth, there are a lot that I’m just now discovering, which is great!  As frustrating as it can be sometimes to have great musicians sneak up on you, it’s also nice to be able to dig into a new artist’s back catalogue.  In this industry, you take your good with your bad.  Otherwise you get eaten up and spit out.

So enjoy the mix, do your own discovery of any of the artists included you might not know, and by all means give Soulular a good ol’ Waxhole follow (Soundcloud, Facebook), and show of love.  He’s as deserving as they come.

Photo: Jennica Mae
Additional Edits: bennyDNGR

Track List:

anchor hill – Tactile
Soulular – Touch
Bwoy De Bhajan – Gypse otters of new orlasia
Said the Sky – Motive
Quanta – Vibratory Fields
Land Switcher – Out session
Bogtrotter – Anomalous Shadows
Griff – Kilgore
Atyya – Valiant ft Goopsteppa
Skytree – Earthsing (biolumigen remix)
Notorious B.I.G – Hypnotize (geode rethink)
Geode – Phantasm
Designated – Grey Mist
St. Andrew – Stark
The Black seeds – Slingshot (truth remix)
Author – Turn

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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