So In Love With Russ Liquid

russRuss Liquid dropped a new album on us last week, entitled ‘In Love’.  One of the best live performances from the west coast with his frenetiv wonkiness, his trumpet playing and every now and again throwing down with a flute?  Or was I dreaming that?  At any rate, this guy is one of the most enjoyable guys to ee live because you just never know what you’re gonna get when he walks out on stage.

The album he dropped though, is a great introduction if you’re new to the man, and it’s a great way to continue the fandom if you already know of him.  The album starts out with some lovely synthy vibes, not quite purple, as you might expect, but also not wavy like is the common sound these days.  It’s enjoyable and a great intro, though, nevertheless.  Then with the next tune, we get cinematic wonkatron goodness, befit of a Tim Burton panorama shot of cotton candy clouds hovering over spun sugar trees lining a winding butterscotch trail through majestic, shimmering rock candy mountains….damn I’m hungry now.  The fourth tune channels some Thriftworks vibes, and that makes me very happy.  As you progress through the album you get all sorts of feelings, vibes, and moods, which for me, is a tell tale mark of an album that has hit the mark.  It’s as different as it is cohesive.  Cohesive in the sense that it is all so very good, and so very Russ Liquid.

Check these three tunes, enjoy them thoroughly, and cop the album for free(!!!), and give him a follow on his Official Site, and/or Soundcloud, to show him some support and love. He’s an artist who is always pushing the limits and as consumers and fans of music as a whole, this musical experimentation is exactly what we should want and love about our artists.

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