Silent Rider, Manifest

silentriderSilent Rider, our favorite downtempo group, is back with another hit that will be included on their upcoming EP entitled “Rave Love.” You’ve heard other tunes from this EP (HERE, and HERE), and now this one whets that appetite for what’s to come.

This track is a perfect melding of acoustic piano and drums with synth accents and chill electronic beats. Silent Rider has shown once again that they are unique and special in the way they create music, and even show their harder side towards the end of the track. Even though this track could have been produced with fully acoustic instruments and still sounded amazing, the addition of the electronic flairs and computer production is wonderful and adds another level of depth to “Manifest.” This,and the addition of the low and trippy sounding vocals help to create a really interesting and complex song.

Make sure to give this a listen while you wait for “Rave Love” which will be dropping soon. And give the Silent Rider lads a follow (Soundcloud, Official Site) to make sure you clock it and the past work they’ve done.

Posted By: Skeems

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