Ross Pennock Gets Remixed By Ill-Esha (Waxhole Exclusive)

Power Trip Remix coverIll-esha, one of my favorites in the music business, has given us a remix to host as an exclusive, and we are so stoked to bring it to you.  A grooving remix of Ross Pennock’s tune ‘Power Trip’ off of his album he released late last year, brings forth his vocals in the emotive and airy original that turns into a seductive smoldering endeavor once ill-esha gets her mitts on it.

Ill-esha has been featured on here many many times, and for good reason.  Her tunes have always been bass heavy, and have always held so much fire that you know the inspiration and the vibes came deep from within her.  She never skimps on the sub-rumblings, and she never skips the chance to get grooving, and both apply in spades here.

Then we have Ross Pennock, like ill-esha, a Denver denizen, who released an album (HERE) that features 12 tunes of him singing over various vibes and productions, showcasing his vocal work that interchanges with singing, that works around melodic, harmonious, and even a little rap sprinkled in there to keep you guessing.  Ill-esha’s production proves a perfect backdrop for his vocals and this remix is a wonderful addition to the great tunes ill-esha has given us through the years.

So check the tune, follow Pennock (Soundcloud, Facebook), and ill-esha (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show them some love for not only this track, but for letting us host the tune as an exclusive just for you all.  Like I said, ill-esha is one of the best in the game.  Trust.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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