Psymbionic Drawing Parallels For Us All

psymbionicSo Psymbionic, the homey out of Austin, the homey from the great Gravitas crew, and just a straight up homey, dropped an EP last week, and besides drawing from his own laidback chilled out inspirations, he’s teamed up with a few artists on this release.  First off, getting our favorite Queen of Glitch, ill-esha to provide a remix, getting Govinda to collab, Cristina Soto to add some delicious vocals, Soulular (check out his WeeklyWax mix coming this week!), and our homey Digital Connection, who all add their own flavor and sound to the already stellar production from Psymbionic himself.

You want a great EP to pair up with his first Parallels EP, well this is it. Always gigging, and always making himself available to his fans and homies, Psymbionic is one of those genuine, down to earth artists you always like to love and follow. He’s been a great friend of the blog, and we are always happy to give him some digital ink whenever he drops a new tune or EP.  And when the EP’s are of this quality, you don’t need to be a friend of the blog to get a mention.  Good tunes from a good dude are always worthy of a mention.

So get to know Psymbionic, if you haven’t already, and give him some love on his Official Site, and/or Soundcloud.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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