Phazz’s Lionheart, So Dope

PhazzheartPhazz is back with another piece of musical artwork. “Lionheart” features many different styles and influences. With a seemingly jersey club sound, Phazz integrates big synths and awesome break downs to create a percussion driven roller coaster of a track.

All the elements from the drums to the higher pitched synths and sounds that are incorporated meld together holistically and perfectly. The depth in which the sounds Phazz has created to work with each other is truly awesome. The track grows from something small to something big and full and continues to evolve throughout the course of the song and will not leave you unsatisfied.

The delivery method, though is also worth note.  Not a random single on Phazz’s part, but rather the first piece of a larger project sponsored by Youtellme, a new label out of London whose aim is to eschew genres in the pursuit of great music.  This, as is our very own credo, is right up our alley, so we will be very interested in how they proceed.  This project, as mentioned before will have tunes from Waxhole favorites NEHZUIL,  salute., Daktyl, Milo Mills, and Howie Lee as well as artists we may not have featured (but are still dope!) like Kaos, Kupla, Capsun, and Max Baer, and a few more tracks will be delivered once a week, until the entire compilation drops July 28 (pre-order HERE).

So make sure you are following this new project on their Soundcloud, and their Facebook to not only keep up to date on this project, but in general. I have high hopes that they will be putting out the dopeness on the regular.

Posted By: Skeems

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