Leechi’s Insomnia Is Infectious!

leechiLeechi, the dude out of South Africa, and from the Do Work label run by our favorite Das Kapital, is emerging from the studio with tunes in hand. This one, for example, is the first glimpse of what he’s been working on.

It’s one of those tunes that marries the heavy bass with the classic melody from Faithless’s timeless tune ‘Insomnia’.  The bass reminds me of our Doggtown friends, or our Losco friends, or our heRobust buddy. The theme here is that it’s straight up dope tune.

Already slated to get some airtime on morning show in South Africa, and while this is pretty heavy for morning drive, I like this kind of stuff to wake me up. I like your style, 5FM.

So chomp on this tune, masticate it thoroughly, and grab the Free Download since Leechi (Soundcloud, Twitter) is such a nice guy. He really is though!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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