Honey Claws Gives The One Law

HoneyClawsHoney Claws, the dudes who meld hip hop with dope electronic production are back at it again.  Releasing an album in August (pre-order HERE), they’re leaking two tunes for you to hear and to get hyped for the full release.  Always on point for summery vibes, they are going a little darker with this one…at least the tunes you hear right here.  But hearing the entire album, you happy-go-lucky lot who enjoy your party vibes, don’t be distraught, the Honey Claws release is well-rounded in sounds and vibes, but yes the darker edge is always there.  You can’t be party all the damned time, y’know.

Care Proof involves Nate Dogg-like vocals from Jaleki, or as he is known around Austin, J.A.M.O.N., and of course Jon’s rapping and production.  It’s always a dank affair when Sahs lays down on the beat, and this one is no different.  Like the a boss level from Castlevania, this tune has you creeping, and slinking.

Then the tune Guttersnake involves some hardcharging guitar that provides a guttural quality for Jon’s rap that transverses laid back verses to the visceral chorus.  It’s a tune that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go.  You want edge, well here’s another one for you.  Also from the upcoming album, this one shows that you’ll get it all when the full release drops.

Give Honey Claws (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow, and pre-order the album (HERE) so you aren’t left out when it drops.

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