Guerilla Speakerz; Underdogg’s of Doggtown

GSpeakerzGuerilla Speakerz EP is finally here! I say finally, because I’ve been teased about it since back in March when Doggtown was getting it’s first release (this DOPE compilation) out the door. Doggtown, with a compilation, a great EP from BeauDamian, and now this. Announcing their presence with authority, Doggtown isn’t playing around.

As for this release, though, you get four originals and a radio edit for all of you hungry radio programmers and DJ’s, which all display the tunes that employ that bass we love so so much, but also gives you synth lines that gives the tunes much more meat on the bone than a bass melody. ‘Bunda’, opens the EP with an intro fit to accompany any club banger set, and continues on with the dopeness, not letting you get too comfortable with the flow as it breaks, and starts with vocal chops, random percussion, and just general craziness. As an opener this one sets you up nicely for what is to come. It’s my personal favorite, but the EP as a whole is jamming. The third track features Subp Yao, and Apex Rise to really take it over the top on the scale of awesomeness.

So give Guerilla Speakerz a follow (Soundcloud, Official Site), and go cop the EP (HERE). They’ve put in a lot of work on this and they deserve not only your patronage, but your lovin too!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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