DoubleShot Of Dopeness From Slumberjack, & LO’99

lo99Sometimes the great tunes hit us one by one, in rapid fire fashion, and while we love to give them all their due in a specific stand alone post, we also can’t wait sometimes to bring them to you and forego all of the separate posts. SO what we do is sometimes doubleshots, threepacks, fourpacks, and sometimes even the rare fivepack rears its head. We hope you indulge us our tune vomiting in these occasions, though, as we try and give you what you need in a timely fashion.

First off is Slumberjack’s edit of “Touched” by What So Not is one of a kind…or three of a kind? Slumberjack (Soundcloud, Official Site) has combined three dope artists (Glitch Mob, Carmack, WhatSoNot) and combined them all in a stew of bouncing goodness.  This tune is as fun to listen to as it probably was to make.


Then we have this remix of CRNKN’s “Heart” has stayed true to the deep nature of the track. You may not be familiar with LO’99, but after hearing this track you will be. The best thing about this track is that it really grew out of the original. It has kept a lot of that signature sound that CRNKN incorporated into “Heart” but LO’99 puts their own spin on it. By sampling the vocals and injecting them into the track at different points you can really get a feel for the depth of LO’99’s production value. This is definitely a remix to check out, also make sure to listen to LO’99’s edit of “Control Movement” by Gesaffelstein, as a bonus below.

Posted By: Skeems

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