Claire de Lune Gets The L&O Treatment

LOClaireIt’s not often that a tune from the great Libations & Oscillations boys goes unposted for a lengthy amount of time, but it happens, and as some of the friends of our blog know, we don’t post everything of theirs either.  Have to keep you all interested in other musics, right?  Well, this tune, even if we were trying to stay unbiased, is so good, it deserves the post, friends of the blog or not.  The tune is a more beautiful rendition, which you may not have thought possible.  But with strings, added piano work, and synth lines that’d make a chav get all emotional.

And so with one more remix that brings plenty of L&O magic to the fore, you see that these gents aren’t in it to mass produce, but rather to feature beauty and melody, sometimes when there is none, but also to add to tunes that have plenty.  Sometimes it’s hard to improve upon a stellar original, and these guys do not shy away from the challenge.

Give them a follow (Soundcloud, Official Site), and show them some love!  Great people, doing great work, for great times.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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