Bronze Whale Remixes Gorgon City Here With You

GorgonWhaleBronze Whale just dropped a remix of Gorgon City’s dopest of tunes featuring the wonderful vocals of Laura Welsh.  This massive hit is now being remixed, and in true last minute fashion, Bronze Whale were asked to crank out a remix befitting the goodness of the original in less than a week.  5 days later, they came out with this remix, a slower burning tune than the original, but taking the beautiful vocals of Welsh, and interweaving their own vocal chops and pitches, synth lines, and smoldering loveliness that is good for any setting, whether by the pool, in the bedroom, or on your morning commute.  This tune does not beg you to do anything, but your body will listen, enjoy, and you’ll be hitting that play button again.

Released by Priority Records (and now on iTunes), the outfit out of LA, this one will rest alongside some great tunes on that label, but will also add a dope tune to their arsenal. the remix is one of those that will be your summer jam, and your back to school jam, and your mid-terms studying jam, and your winter break jam, and so on and so forth.

Get on this one, support the Bronze Whale dudes (Soundcloud, Facebook) and cop the tune forthwith!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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