Borealis/Somfay And That Great Kallionyma

BorealisI have been waiting for this week for a long while now.  Borealis, the man who is a part of Tipping Hand Records, has his first official release through them that dropped yesterday (HERE).  Now, I’m all about supporting friends and am excited when they are excited and am taken when they are taken by an artist who has either been welcomed as part of their family or just discovered.  Borealis, otherwise known as Jes Somfay, though, is a guy I’ve known about for awhile now and when I heard that he and Tipping Hand were joining forces, I was so very excited.

If you don’t know Borealis/Somfay, you will understand when you listen to the few tracks below why I am so enamored with his music.  He is atmospheric, without being abstract.  He is textural without being complicated and his sound just brings you into his world wherever you are.  One of those guys who you’d swear was scoring for movies/video games, or epic GoPro videos at least!  The music is that lush.  And if Blade Runner were to ever get a modern day re-do, this could/should be the soundtrack.  It’s that beautiful, and every single time, it’s that moving.  This artist is a guy that you throw on the headphones and hit play and just let your mind take you wherever it will.  Whether sober, high, or drifting to sleep, the music is all you need for your sojourn.

I have chosen three tunes below to highlight the album (HERE) as per usual, but you know that this entire release is worth your listen and patronage.  There is a limited number of custom thumb drives available, so snap one up while you can!

And if you don’t know Borealis/Somfay (Soundcloud, Twitter), well get to know.  His back catalogue is as beautiful as this release.  And Tipping Hand (Official Site, Soundcloud)?  Yeah get to know them as well, because the morsels they’ve laid out for you thus far are so good, and just the beginning.

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