BAILE Gets Faded With ZHU

BAILEZHUBaile, a side project of of Brooklyn’s own downtempo group, and long time friend of the blog, Silent Rider, has given “Faded” by ZHU a spin and created a very chill track. The drums are accompanied by an assortment of groovy click and clack noises that accompany the deep slow synths and high xylophone like sounds perfectly. The dichotomy of chill and soft noises and the aggressive drum snaps is executed very well and makes the track blend in perfect harmony. Make sure to check out Silent Rider (Soundcloud, Official Site) as well and give their tracks a listen.

A tune has a different feel/vibe to those released in the remix pack. But that vibe is so good I’m glad we get to hear it whether within or without the remix pack.

Give that BAILE (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow if you haven’t already, and if you haven’t already checked ZHU (Soundcloud, Facebook), well do that too!

Posted By: Skeems

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