Babyshoe Gets Eclectic With Weekly Wax Vol. 14

WeeklyWax14squareDJ babyshoe, the man who runs many things in Denver live music scene, some of the best nightlies, monthlies, and DJ sets belong to this guy. He’s not only a great DJ who turns them out whether with Guilty Pleasures, but gets cerebral and experimental whenever he can. We saw this versatility on display every day as we all ran in the same rooms and circles on the late, great From there, our mutual love for his taste, his digging, and his general sense of bettering the music community as a whole endeared us to him and his musical styles.

These weekly waxes are perfect venue to showcase his taste, and ability (he did this mix live and in one take), and it’s been long time coming.

Thanks to him for doing one for us!

Follow all facets of babyshoe, though. His DJ side (Soundcloud, Facebook), Shoeboxx Records (Official Site, Soundcloud), of which he co-founded with Real Cosby, and MOCD (Official Site, Soundcloud), the blog he helped start, and is so so good!




Piero Umiliani – Crepuscolo Sul Mare
Shlohmo – Blankets
Diversa – Do You
Victory Garden – Undo
Abjo – 14am
S. Fidelity – Second Chance (with LaNo & Tajima Hal)
Howse – Resin (Kuhn Remix)
Clap! Clap! – Hold On (feat. LSWR)
B-Ju – Vector Love
Audio Dope – Harmony
Sweet Valley – Kingdom Of Heaven
Nouki. – Berlin
T_A_M x Loutseau – Peace (Master)
Dom La Nena – Batuque (Jeremy Sole & Atropolis Remix)
Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize (Thugs & Kisses Remix)
Nativekid – MoonlitThoughts
Garren Epley – Cuando You
Khryo – Sum Gils
Khryo – Mhg any (Dwl_Flp)
Hokes – I Fucked Lorde
Bib – Take My Heart
Ape Tit – Mr. Sandman

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