Druid Cloak Gets Secret With Hemsworth

DruidCloakAbout a month ago Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth started his imprint Secret Songs, featuring new tracks from artists all over the world, and artists that are his friends in the industry. And knowing his circle of friends, not knowing anything else, we’re all in for a treat! 5 tracks in, and we find a new song from a Waxhole favorite Druid Cloak. The tune with the title “The Battlecry” is a banger! This song is going to take you on an adventure, you will most likely never forget.

Ryan and Druid each noted their impressions of the tune as well:

Druid Cloak: “The Battlecry was born out of a desire to express the need for tension. I think its important in life and in music to create healthy tensions that keep you on your toes and put you in unexpected scenarios. More often than not those experiences allow you to create something special.”

Ryan: “Druid is someone really in his own lane, i believe. there’s a lot of maturity in his sound and the way his songs develop – but they’re also just fun as hell to play at a show. his output is grand, in scale and conceptually. i think he said he’s sitting on a number of alter-ego projects ready to be released. i’ve been loving ‘the battlecry’, it’s a banger that creeps up on you patiently, and doesn’t let go once it’s got a hold of you.”

So enjoy the tune, make sure you are following Druid Cloak (Soundcloud, Twitter), and by all means Hemsworth’s Secret Songs project (Soundcloud, Twitter).

And as a bonus, here’s a tune Druid remixed for Hemsworth. Bonus material FTW!

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