††† Gets The Eest Coast Treatment

CrossesThere are times when a group or artist releases stems out to the general public, whether in a concerted, strategic manner, or a free-for-all, and when the remixes start rolling in, well you get to enjoy them all and sometimes get surprised by who has tried their hand at the tune/s.  For example, Crosses released their album earlier this year and toured on that album across the States, across Australia, and have come back to get back in the studio,  all the while shepherding these dope remixes for our enjoyment.  You saw one remix already, a frenzied but great remix from Met0me from Japan (and as a bonus check the Sh?m remix as well). Now we have Eest Coast, who we know from the Shoeboxx Records roster, and his suave remix.

As for the tune at hand, it’s a great work from two artists from very different stages of their career. The young and just starting out Eest Coast remixing those grizzled veterans of the game Crosses (if you don’t know who they are, they are THESE guys). The synthy goodness that Eest Coast employs to tamper the original harder charging tune makes it seem that it’s always been a ballad. The remix, even after hearing the original in my headphones, live, and on Jimmy Kimmel, sounds like it was always meant to be this way. Maybe it was, and I just needed the Eest Coast treatment to show me the way.

But yeah, this tune is the dopeness and I can’t wait to hear more remixes (yes there ARE more coming). Give Eest Coast a follow on his Soundcloud and/or Twitter, and follow the Crosses lads, as they are a great follow (Soundcloud, Tumblr), whether you dig their music or not.

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