ZHU Gets Done by Lido, AMTRAC, and The Magician

LiZHUFriday we posted that TACHES – ZHU remix, and a few weeks ago we posted the ODESZA – ZHU remix. Now, the wait is over. The rest of the tunes from the remix pack are here and ready for streaming and purchase now (HERE). Lido, AMTRAC, and The Magician each lend a hand and they fill out the 5 track remix pack so very nicely.

we have hype house tunes from TACHES and now AMTRAC, and the Magician.  We have head nodding goodness from ODESZA (as per usual!), and Lido…well Lido just went IN on this one and it’s so awesome.

Known for taking time on his remixes and employing tricks and experimentation that always works, Lido has done it again with this remix.  That stop and go method that he does so well (remember his EP from last week?), shows up here and serves to make this one such a sensual tune, the remix just takes on a life of its own.  The phone fuckery, that’s a new one, to this degree though, and it’s hilarious, and so so Lido, and so so dope.

I hate to play favorites, but Lido’s got me on this pack.  But to say that the other 4 tunes aren’t worth your time, you’d be insane not to check them out.  They are all so god and such great reprises on the original goodness that this pack is something you must cop and have in your arsenal.  You must!

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