Weaver Beats With That Weekly Wax

weeklywax8squareWeaver Beats, a dude out of Hawaii (not many of those in the industry these days), drops in un-introduced and uninitiated. Stepping in at the last minute for an artist who had to bow out, Weaver Beats not only filled in nicely, but turned in a dope mix. Combining originals, and tunes he’s been jammin on, it’s a great mix to get introduced to him with.

And lest you think this cat just jumped out from nowhere, check his EP (HERE). It’s beats on the more chill and atmospheric vibe and so so good (and FREE!).

So enjoy the mix, give him a follow (Soundcloud, Official Site)



Photo – Jennica Mae Photography
Additional Editing – Benny Alley

Track List:

1.) Kenny Segal – Escape to green (ft. Mike Parvizi and Dot)
2.) Weaver Beats – Top cats vol.17
3.) Tokimonsta – Lovely soul
4.) Glitch Mob – Fistful of silence
5.) Stwo – The one
6.) Mr. Carmack – At night
7.) A Sol Mechanic – 1992
8.) Melodiesinfonie – Positive Vibes
9.) Weaver Beats – Breakthrough
10.) Synkro – Nights of Pleasure
11.) Weaver Beats – Redshift
12.) Flying Lotus – Camel (Nosaj Thing remix)
13.) Fat Jon – Rana
14.) Boards of Canada – Chromakey Dreamcoat
15.) Weaver Beats – Top Cats vol.19
16.) Kodomo – Concept 1
17.) Flume – Bring you Down
18.) Esta – Hruby
19.) Taku – Cool out
20.) Air (Sert one remix)
21.) Weaver Beats – Bee Chive
22.) Esta – Drkshdw
23.) Andrew Bayer – It’s going to be fine
24.) Fwdslxsh – 4 U (Dakytl remix)

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