Urple Eeple With That Morning After Feel (Waxhole Exclusive)

TheWaxhole(lowresCD)The man Urple Eeple, a producer who has been part of the Waxhole experience since the Turntable.fm days, has graced us with a wonderfully laidback and sexy tune to host as an exclusive. One of our great friends from the Bay area, he’s always given us some great gloopy bass music and production discussions that have benefited both parties greatly. He’s always been a supporter of the blog and the artists that we have featured over the years, and in his local scene he’s a big supporter and one of those producers who gives as much back as he can. We are fortunate to have him as a friend and we are fortunate to have this tune here for you, from him, and for free!

For this tune, he’s taken a little bit of a different direction than his normal fare, and a different take that I very much like. Not to say his usual direction is bad or stale, because it most certainly isn’t, but as you all know, I love it when favorite producers of mine start tinkering and experimenting, creating new sounds and vibes. Featuring a vocal loop that intertwines the synthy atmosphere of Eeple’s, you get a tune that will be what you need for many of your daily or nightly tasks.

When asked for his inspiration for the track he had this to say:

“Morning After is that feeling of elation that comes the morning after any moment of awakening, whether that’s a new experience of the depths of love, or a mind opening experience in a beautiful desert. Morning After is about those moments where it begins to feel like you are finally alive. In writing this piece I felt that emotion come through very strongly and I wanted to create a place that people could resonate with that moment/emotion while listening.”

So enjoy this tune, and the free download, give Urple Eeple a follow (Official Site, Soundcloud), and show him some love!

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