True Key And Amplicity Get To Remixing

TrueKeySohnA few weeks ago there was huge activity with Complexion and Waxhole fam.  Our main man and periodic contributor Amplicity threw down a dope guest mix on Complexion’s Future Beats Show.  Then Complexion threw down a Weekly Wax for us, and later that Sunday Complexion was awesome enough to let us throw down a guest mix on his show as well.

With all of that flurry of activity there were freshies and premiers that abounded.  Amplicity chose to premier his remix of the so so great Evv cover of Skream’s dope tune ‘Where You Should Be’ in that mix.  I premiered one of Jailo & Kappa Kavi’s tune that was released earlier this week, but also a dope remix of SOHN’s classic tune ‘The Wheel’, by True Key.  Both tunes were snippets, but now they have both been released and you get to see them and hear them and own them in their entirety below.

The first tune is Amplicity’s (Soundcloud, Twitter) re-working of Evv’s cover, and while Evv’s tune was smoky and sensual, Amplicitys remix has added textures to bring it from the bedroom to a steamy dark club vibe. It’s not often that you are able to get two different versions of an original and feel so completely different, but yet still so completely awesome.

Then we have True Key and his great remix of SOHN. Another tune that employs great vocals and adds layers to the original, this remix features True Key’s (Soundcloud, Facebook) signature vocal chopping and adds some textures the original didn’t have. Taking such an outstanding original (and you all know how much I like the original) and remixing it can be a daunting task, and this remix was done with great aplomb.

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