TrailerTV Goes Large With Doctor Jeep, Sieren, DjRum, & Chris Read

Trailertv29It’s been a bit since we talked up our friends over in Londontown who run the dope TrailerTV events twice a month.  But now I’m ready to get back to tellin’ you all about their next event.  Later today/evening they will be broadcasting from a trailer, from behind a pizza joint, in the southeast of London, and we all get to watch and listen along? Yeah that’s the beauty of their event, and of the internet really. Getting to listen to their show and watch (HERE from 7 PM GMT/ 1 PM CT) and as they have fun while you’re sat in somewhere boring and much less engaging is at times depressing, but mostly you get a little sliver of their good times in your life that would have normally been reserved for the small happiness of watching a vapid TV show with a laughtrack.

So no, you will tune into this instead and enjoy the stacked line-up that they have put together. You will get to watch Candice, Martha, and the always entertaining Mike alternate great interviews with the artists, you’ll get to watch any assortment of people peeking from behind the decks making sure everything is working right, and you’ll be seeing Xavier head bobbin, beer sippin, on the dance floor looking all Xaviery with his Xavier self. It’s a fun time to watch. It’s intimate, it’s live, and most of all the music is DOPE. And as we enjoy we will be thinking of Emily who is sat at home nursing a broken elbow.

Bringing in a great diversity to this show, we have bassed out Doctor Jeep, one of my favorites Sieren from the Project Mooncircle crew, DjRum, as well as Chris Read who will be opening the proceedings with his jazzy, hip hop beats infused set.

So check the tunes below for examples of what these guys will be playing, tune in today HERE, and enjoy!

Daughter – Medicine (Sieren Edit) by SIEREN

Wiley – And Again (Doctor Jeep E-Mix) by doctor jeep

Jono McCleery – ‘Ballade’ (Djrum Remix) by Ninja Tune

The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By (Chris Read 90s Throwback Mix) (BBE Records 7inch Release) by ChrisReadSubstance

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